"When reluctant elf prince Tatian Elfiore is forced on a royal mission to the Dwarven mines all hope for peace and prosperity between the kingdoms hinges on one legendary vegetable."


Halls of the Turnip King is an original graphic novel created by Canadian comic artist Brenda Hickey (My Little Pony, Ward's Valley). It is a fantasy/comedy story that follows the blunders of an unexperienced (and highly uninterested) Elf prince as he navigates the diplomatic role he will one day inherit. Tatian's father, constantly paranoid about potential wars (even when there's no hint of them), sends him on a mission to the Dwarven Mines where he and his band of bard guards attempt to charm Dwarven King Tubahd into agreeing to ally his kingdom with theirs. Y'know, make nice with other Kingdoms so that they won't want to attack yours. Of course nothing ever works that smoothly, especially when the ones in charge aren't much smarter than a basket of turnips. 

Halls of the Turnip King


    Hard cover, Full Colour, 153 pages

    ISBN: 9781999256807


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