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We have worked with great publishers like IDW, Oni and Top Shelf on such books as My Little Pony, Rick & Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons, Ward's Valley, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Powerpuff Girls and MORE! 

As much fun as it is playing in other people sandboxes, our reason for starting out in comics was always to tell our own stories with our own characters. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer as much as we enjoy making them.  


                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Troy & Brenda


Butterfly House​

By Troy Little & Brenda Hickey

2022, Full colour, 56 pages

Oversize - 8.75""x11.75" 
ISBN: 978-1-9992568-2-1 

From the minds of comic creator duo Troy Little and Brenda Hickey comes their first collaboration comics project: BUTTERFLY HOUSE.

"Hidden in the forest on the outskirts of a quiet town there is a mysterious old house with a secret history. A nexus point where two timelines converge, an unsuspecting girl falls victim to its trap. Neither here nor there, she tries to piece together the puzzle of the father and son who once lived there while holding on to the memory of who she herself once was."

Butterfly House is split into two timelines and made to be read from the side of the reader's choosing. When you reach the middle where the two timelines meet, simply close the book, flip it over, and begin reading the second half.

Angora Napkin:
The Golden McGuffin

By Troy Little

2020, Full colour, 96 pages

ISBN 9781999256814

The FINAL chapter in the Angora Napkin saga.

Cuddle Core pop icons Angora Napkin have opened an Existential Detective Agency as a side hustle, because why not? Murder, mystery and mayhem ensue on a quest for the enigmatic Golden McGuffin!


If you picked up the MURDER DELUXE perk you got a full set of "Clueless" cards! Click the sheet to download and print out the Notepad. Have fun!

Halls of the Turnip King
By Brenda Hickey

2020, Full colour, 153 pages

ISBN 9781999256807

When reluctant elf prince Tatian Elfiore is forced on a royal mission to the Dwarven mines all hope for peace and prosperity between the kingdoms hinges on one legendary vegetable.

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Comics, Art & Graphic Novels by

Troy Little & Brenda Hickey

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